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Apologies for not having recent posts but (hopefully) things will return to normal in 2017. ... [read more]

Whale Watching

Whale Watching Hervey Bay

Whale season is well under way in Hervey Bay. This year is the first time tourists can swim with whales ... [read more]

Coming to BCEC

The Brisbane Convention & Exhibition Centre hosts all manner of events and it is extremely disabled friendly ... [read more]

Col's Fiji Trip

Following his Fiji trip, Col Ashcroft has some feedback on the accommodation and attractions ... [read more]

Carry a Big Stick

Tim Ferguson’s latest book, Carry a Big Stick, is terrific read ... [read more]

Grand Budapest Hotel

Grand Budapest Hotel is the best movie I have seen in 2014. It is a fabulous romp. Just fabulous, darling. ... [read more]

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Relaxed, modern and cheerful with beaches, restaurants, shopping, nightlife, blue skies and friendly people ... [read more]


A graceful, progressive city where the grand churches seem to look down on naughty Hindley Street ... [read more]


Arguably Australia's most rewarding destination for a few day's break ... [read more]


Stylish, multicultural, cultured and classy, Melbourne could feel right at home in Europe ... [read more]


Sydney - she's a wonderful, sparkling, brash, flashy, sassy, flirt of a town ... [read more]


Is Australia's most liveable city beautiful one day and perfect the next? Mostly ... [read more]

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Welcome to Cane & Able.

This guide contains info on getting around, great places to visit, events & attractions, entertainment and accessible accommodation.

‘Cane’ refers to people with mobility-related impairments and difficulties in negotiating the physical environment. ‘Able’ relates both to people without mobility restrictions and gimps like me who feel totally and utterly able (with a bit of assistance). Hope you enjoy the visit! Cheers, Ian. more info

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