Monday, July 9

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Zachary TaylorOn this day in 1850, U.S. President Zachary Taylor died and Millard Fillmore became the 13th President of the United States.  How come I hadn’t heard of either POTUS before researching this date? And I studied American History at university!

With the nickname “Rough and Ready”, Taylor was the last President to own slaves while in office. He was also the second president to die in office, preceded by William Henry Harrison who died nine years earlier after 32 days in the top job.  Hadn’t heard of him either.  Sheesh…

I’d heard of Johnny Weissmuller though – he was Hollywood’s most famous Tarzan and was an Olympic swimmer prior to donning a loincloth and taking to the jungle.

Johnny WeissmullerOn this day in 1922, Johnny broke the world record for 100m freestyle and the one minute barrier with a time of 58.6 seconds.

Another claim to fame for Johnny is being on the Sgt Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band cover.

BTW, Dawn Fraser was the first woman to go under a minute and the fastest Australian man to date is Eamon Sullivan at 47.05.  I’ll go for a new world record at 46.8 seconds in a couple of weeks.

Is it just me, or does Johnny bear a resemblance to Chris Brown, the Bondi Vet?

To those born on this day…

Dame Barbara CartlandEnglish novelist, Dame Barbara Cartland, was born on July 9 1901.  She wasn’t a Dame then, of course – guess she picked up that title for belting out 723 novels – in one year alone she wrote 23 books!!!  But I bet you can’t name one of them.  Harper Lee only wrote one book in her lifetime.  Bet you can name that one.  If you can’t drop back on Wednesday, because it was published on July 11, 1960.  Barbara reminds me of the old Jewish tailor saying, “Never mind the quality, feel the width!”

Vince EdwardsAmerican actor, Vince Edwards, was born in 1928.  I remember him in black and white and he was so good I thought he was a real doctor in the early Sixties.  The opening of Ben Casey just came flashing back… symbols on a blackboard with Sam Joffe’s voiceover… “Man, Woman, Birth, Death, Infinity…”  It took until 1995 and Tim Allen’s voice for Buzz Lightyear to go “…To infinity and beyond!”

Is it just me, or does Vince bear a resemblance to Chris Brown, the Bondi Vet?

O.J. Simpson was born in 1947 and is still out and about.  If he didn’t do it, who did?  Actor Tom Hanks celebrates his 56th birthday today.  “THANKS”.  That’s what it reads using his first initial and surname.  I wish that had never been pointed out to me.  Singer, actress and train wreck, Courtney Love, turns 48 today, although some of her organs would register as being much, much older.

Fred SavageRemember Fred Savage?  He was the kid in the Princess Bride (1987) and The Wonder Years (1988).  He was born on this day in 1976.  He’s still only 36!  He married his childhood sweetheart, they had two kids, and he is doing just fine as a producer director (recent credit, Two Broke Girls).

Is it just me, or does Fred… Nahhhh

To those who died on July 9…

Australian ballet dancer, Kelvin Coe, to AIDS, in 1992, aged 46… Oscar-winning actor Rod Steiger in 2002, aged 77 and in 2004, Riley Dobi Noel, 32, was given a lethal injection for a 1995 triple murder at 9:07pm in the Arkansas Department of Corrections.  An aptly named department – he certainly would do it again!

Noel’s final meal was fried chicken, mashed potatoes with gravy, hot rolls, a green garden salad with ranch dressing, Kool-Aid and cookies.  His final words were “I want my family to know I love them. I want my kids to know I love Jesus.”

I’m not letting the guy walk but Arkansas law is pretty harsh.  Noel had brain damage and an IQ of 69… he was off his scone on drugs… and was avenging his brother’s murder in a drive-by shooting the previous week.

Is it just me, or does Riley Dobi Noel bear a resemblance to OJ Simpson?  Guilty, Your Honour!

To close on a lighter note… As with execution, some things you can’t undo or unsee… I also wish I’d never had this pointed out to me!  Until tomorrow!

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