On This Day, July 16

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Parking Officer US 1930'sOn this day in 1935 the first parking meter was installed in Oklahoma City.  Bastards.

Apparently on this day in 622, the Islamic calendar began.

Now, just exactly how did that happen?  “Hey Fatima, I think I might invent the calendar…”  “What’s a calendar, Abdul?” “A thing with dates in it.”  “What, a pudding?”  “No, no, you hang it on the wall.”  “Why?”  “So I can get back at Emad – he’s been going around saying that Abdul wouldn’t know what day it is…”

apollo11 saluteIn 1969, Apollo 11 was launched from Cape Canaveral, taking Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin and Whathisname Collins moonwards.  Most people forget about Collins who orbited the moon in the spaceship while the other two took those small steps for man on the moon’s surface.  On return they were awards a Presidential reception at the White House and while Armstrong and Aldrin dined inside, Collins did laps in a limo with a takeaway sandwich. BTW, his first name is Michael…

On this day in 1981, American singer/songwriter, Harry Chapin, died aged just 38.  His most famous song is Cats in the Cradle.

To those born on this day… Stewart Copeland, drummer for The Police, in 1952, league and union footballer, Wendell Sailor, in 1974 and comedian/actor Will Ferrell turns 45 today…

Will Ferrell I Love You

And finally, a little known fact – Armstrong, Aldrin and Whatsisname went to the moon with a cat called ‘Photoshop’.

cat on moon