The Shire

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Josh Taylor tweeted: “Showing this show overseas is really how we stop the boats.”

Unkind. Cruel, in fact. But funny. As was much of The Shire, right from the tongue in cheek Paul Kelly theme over the opening credits (… “I’ve done all the dumb things…”) where we immediately experienced the real-life drama of love and hurt and of passion and pain – that’s waxing and Botox for you. If you would like an in-depth tongue-in-cheek review of this addictive, surgically-enhanced surf opera, click here to be taken to the Rydges Cronulla blog. Where else?! I didn’t want to reproduce it all here coz it would be a bit long without a point of reference. As would the show, I guess…  the photo is of best GF’s Vernesa and Sophie – strange name spelling I know – I was expecting ‘Sofee’…