On This Day, July 20

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Welcome to July 20 and on this day 99 years ago, the Ford Motor Company shipped its first car – Only when it hit mass-production did this slogan happen“…any colour you like as long as it’s black…” – in 1903 they was real purdy!

On this day in 1944, Adolf Hitler survived an assassination attempt by German Army Colonel Claus von Stauffenberg.  Pity he wasn’t better at it and he’d had the thought a decade earlier.  Hitler had him shot at 1:00am the next day.

To those born on this day… British actress Dame Diana Rigg of Avengers fame in 1938, the same day as American actress, the late Natalie Wood.  American singer/songwriter, Kim Carnes was born in 1945. The great Carlos Santana in 1947 and American-born Aussie singer, Marcia Hines, in 1953.

Three American musicians with funny names share birthdays today – DJ Screw (1971), Vitamin C (1972) and Phofo (1974).  I imagined Vitamin C to be a black rapping coke-head but turns out she’s white and in March this year was made Vice-President of Nickelodeon Music.

Oh! And four days after launch, Apollo 11 landed on the moon.  To his dying day my father-in-law believed that it was all faked and shot in a desert location in America or in a TV studio.