On This Day, July 23

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It’s Monday!  On this day in 1984, Vanessa Williams became the first Miss America to surrender her crown after Penthouse published photos of her in the nuddy…  Only mentioning because it makes for a better photo than one of the Pope or Prince Andy…

In 1986, Prince Andrew and Sarah Ferguson married in Westminster Cathedral…

In 1992, a Vatican commission led by Joseph Ratzinger, established that it is necessary to limit the rights of homosexuals and non-married couples.  Unless they be priests, I guess… Joe Ratzinger was the name the current Pope was given at birth.

To those born on this day… in 1938, Australian actor and television show host Bert Newton, once referred to by my kids as the coolest old dude on TV… Aussie politician, and former Mayor of Brisbane, Sallyanne Atkinson, born in 1942 and Polk Salad Annie singer, Tony Joe White in 1943.

In 1947 English singer, David Essex, was born to Rock On.

He was christened David Albert Cook in Essex and took his name from that county – but since then they moved the borders/boundaries so if he popped up today he would have to be David Greater London.

English cricketer and once captain of Essex and England, Graham Gooch, was born in 1953.

He is now the batting coach for England and, looking at the recent ODI slaughter of Australia, is doing a damn fine job.

On this day in 1961 –American actor, Woody Harrelson, was born… he has played some great roles on TV and the big screen, but you get the feeling that even at 51 his best work is ahead of him.

In 1985 Woody married Nancy Simon, the daughter of playwright Neil Simon, in Tijuana. The two intended to divorce the following day, but the storefront wedding/divorce parlor was closed so they remained married for ten months.

English-born American guitarist Slash was born on this day in 1985 to Mr and Mrs Hudson.  They didn’t look down and say, “My, that lad looks like a Slash…”  They said he looked like a ‘Saul’.  Actually, ‘Saul Hudson’ is not a bad name for a rock God…

Wow, Monica Lewinsky is 39 today – it only seems like yesterday that she discovered what damage cigars and dry cleaning can do to a career.  I wonder what she was doing yesterday?  She reminds me of the Scottish fence, bar and bridge builder who is only remembered for having sex with that one goat…

Harry Potter, Daniel Radcliffe has a birthday.  At 23 he’s far too young to be THAT rich but he seems level-headed.

To those dying on this day… the guy who sounds like a house but was, in fact, a Mexican revolutionary, Pancho Villa, in 1923.

In 1982 American actor, Vic Morrow, was decapitated and died instantly on the set of Twilight Zone: The Movie. Two children also died when the stunt helicopter crashed on them.

And it is a year ago today since British singer songwriter, Amy Winehouse, died, aged 27.  It feels like we only got a glimpse of her musical potential before she sadly self-destructed.