On This Day, August 7

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Hmmm… Wednesday already! Thought for today – do you think the guy who invented the spelling of ‘February’ might have also been behind ‘Wednesday’?

On this day in 1930, the last confirmed lynching of blacks in the Northern United States happened in Marion, Indiana.  Thomas Shipp and Abram Smith were killed.

I find it amazing how times have changed – 1936 Olympics, black athlete Jesse Owens spurned by conservative America… 1968, Mexico Olympics, controversial ‘Black Power’ salutes… Last year, Afro-American First Lady, Michelle Obama, a VIP in the stands at the opening ceremony of the London games.   In some areas the world is a better place…

By the way, in the photo, that’s Tommie Smith (Gold) and John Carlos (Bronze) after the 200m final in Mexico – why right and left hand salutes?  They shared a pair of gloves – and the white guy in the front?  Silver medalist, Australian, Peter Norman. Sadly he was shunned by the Olympic committee for agreeing with Smith and Carlos and supporting the cause.

Those born on this day… in 1942, American singer B.J. Thomas… didn’t he have a Number One equal with John Farnham singing Raindrops Keep Falling on my Head?  Born in 1942, Australian-American singer and NY-based entertainment lawyer, Lana Cantrell.

Some may recall her ‘engagement’ to the King of Comedy, Graham Kennedy.  They leaked the rumour to the magazines, then went on live television, hand in hand, to say that they would remain ‘just friends’ due to career commitments.  We have also come as long way in the gay recognition stakes.  I worked with Kennedy and it was hard being gay in the 60’s, 70’s, 80’s and even 90’s.

Greg Chappell, Aussie cricketer, captain and coach turns 65 today.  We won’t mention his ordering of brother, Trevor, to bowl that despicable underarm against final ball against the Kiwis in 1981.  Won’t mention it a bit…

In 1952, British comedian, Alexei Sayle – loved him as the landlord in The Young Ones – he had a minor musical hit with ‘Ullo John, Got a New Motor?’

X-Files lead, David Duchovny, was born in 1960 and Aussie ‘terrorist’, David Hicks, was born in 1975.

A guy called Red Adair died on this day in 2004 – if you saw John Wayne n the 1968 movie, Helllfighters, that was based on Red – had a career putting out fires on oil rigs.