Day 15 Olympics

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Only one more sleep until the Olympic games are over.  Each morning I have been doing a blog report for the Rydges Hotel group.  The whole post is here – – and here is an abridged version:

Diver Matt Mitcham delivered one of my best Olympic moments.  Mitcham was the only non-Chinese diver to win a Gold Medal in Beijing and he was heading to the finals in London to defend his title in the 10m platform. This is an event that has a margin of error akin to half the width of a spider’s willy.  To untrained eyes like mine they all look like perfect 10’s.  Not so to the judges. Twelve divers were to go through to the final and, ahead of his sixth dive, Mitcham was 13.80 points clear of 13th-placed Canadian Riley McCormick.  But he scored only 70.20 on his favourite dive after tipping over a tad while McCormick nailed a 97.20 to leapfrog the Australian in to the final.

Matt showed us that it was okay to be a champion, okay to lose, okay to cry, okay to be gay, okay to play the ukulele and it is okay to compose yourself and tell the interviewer, “I could never have done more.’’  No excuses, no ‘what ifs’, no regrets.  He went to London expecting to retire.  The experience itself was so great, he is considering taking up the 3m board event with his eyes on Brazil.

The ecstasy shown by some of minor medallists was also rewarding to watch.  The joy shown by the runners-up to Sally Pearson was fabulous.  As it was for US long-jumper, Will Claye, or as I think of him, the Bronze-medal Bible-basher.  After all those years of training at godly hours and coming third, he took his Bible for a lap of the stadium.  It didn’t matter that God must have liked two other competitors better.  It was just a good thing he didn’t listen to Moses who said, “Go fourth.”


Images: London 2012