On This Day, August 18

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Hey, hey it’s the weekend!

On this day in 1903, German, Karl Jatho, allegedly flew his self-made, motored gliding airplane four months before the first flight of the Wright Brothers and, if true, the Wright Brothers were Wrong.

In 1877, some guy called Asaph Hall, discovered a moon around Mars called Phobos.  I’d never heard of it until researching for this.  Thought old Phobos should get some publicity!

In 1948 – The Australian undefeated cricket team, known as The Invincibles, completed a four-nil Ashes win over England. Don Bradman was captain and world’s best batsman, Keith Miller was the world’s best all rounder… and they hated each other.  Bradman was a conservative who bordered on wowserism and Miller was a hell-raising party animal.  Bradman played to win, Miller played for enjoyment.

On one tour Bradman stipulated a bedtime curfew on the team.  Later that evening there was a knock on his door and he opened it to see Miller in a dinner suit.  Just a courtesy call from Miller to tell his captain that he went to bed on curfew, but wa up now and going out.  I used to have a hit of cricket with Keith’s son in the nets when we lived in the same suburb on Newport’s northern beaches.  I’m not sure if he was the son who was later caught with a tennis racquet full of heroin.  Life’s a funny thing…

And in 1958. Vladimir Nabokov’s controversial novel Lolita was published in the United States.

To those born on this day…

In 1904 – Max Factor, the Polish-born cosmetics entrepreneur…

…American actor and heartthrob, Robert Redford, in 1936 and fellow actor, Patrick Swayze, in 1952.