On This Day, August 20

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It’s August 20 and let’s go straight to 1940, which in military time is twenty to eight.  On this day in 1940, British Prime Minister Sir Winston Churchill made the fourth of his famous wartime speeches, containing the line “Never was so much owed by so many to so few”, which wasn’t quite the hit that “We shall fight them on the beaches” was.  The photo is during his famous “Two beers thanks Toots” speech.

Also in 1940, half a word away in Mexico City, exiled Russian revolutionary, Leon Trotsky, was fatally wounded with an ice axe by Ramon Mercader. Trotsky died the next day.  Mercader got a 20 year prison sentence for the murder but Joseph Stalin presented him with an Order of Lenin in absentia, and the KGB awarded him a Hero of the Soviet Union medal after his release in 1961.

And while we are Russian about – in that neck of the woods, in 1940, Musa Bautdinovich Geshaev was born.  Who? You may well ask.  Well, Musa is a Chechen poet, literary critic, songwriter and historian.  Sort of a Chechen Clive James I guess.

To those born on August 20…

Boxing promoter with the wild hair, Don King, in 1931.  This is a photo of him during his famous “It’s my shout now thanks Toots” speech.  Either that or he is a Trekkie.

Singer Isaac Hayes, in 1942

Muso Phil Lynott, in 1949 – he was lead singer of Thin Lizzy (Boys Are Back in Town).  He died of pneumonia and heart failure caused by septicemia aged 36.  Don’t try the drugs he was hooked on at home, boys and girls…

And Happy Father’s Day to any Nepalese dads reading this.