On This Day, August 28

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Happy Tuesday!

On this day in 1898, a dude by the name of Caleb Bradham invented a carbonated soft drink that would grow up to become Pepsi Cola, which never gained the following of the cola that has red on the can… what’s the name of the other one… nah, it’s gone…

And on this day in 1996, Prince Charles and Diana, Princess of Wales divorced.

To those born on this day…

In 1921, American actress, Nancy Kulp.

Nancy’s most famous TV role was as Miss Jane Hathaway in The Beverley Hillbillies.  Gosh 1966 was a strong year for sitcoms – I just came across the Emmy nominations for Best Supporting Actor in a comedy… and the nominees are… Nancy Kulp for the Beverley Hillbillies… Gale Gordon for The Lucy Show… Werner Klemperer for Hogan’s Heroes… Marion Lorne for Bewitched… Don Knotts and Frances Bavier for The Andy Griffith Show…. The envelope please… and the winner is… Frances Bavier!  She played the lovely Aunt Bee.  Other comedy shows produced and broadcast that year included Get Smart, Family Affair, F Troop, That Girl, Batman, The Monkees and I Dream of Jeannie…

In 1930, British Actor, Winston Davies.  His most famous TV role was as Sgt Major Williams in It Ain’t Half Hot Mum.

Also in 1930, American actor, Ben Gazarra.  His most famous TV role was the lead in Run for Your Life.  He died in February this year.

In 1943, American actor turned British citizen, David Soul.  His most famous TV role was as Hutch in Starsky and Hutch.  He also had a few chart-topping hits like Don’t Give Up On Us.  Five times married he is still pretty active.  This year was featured on the album by Fosseytango singing on the track “Landlord” with Jimmy Page, on guitar. And last month he appeared in an episode of Inspector Lewis as the murder victim Paul Yelland.