On This Day, August 30

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Well, it be the penultimate day in August and, to be sure, top of the T’ursday to ya…  And I have no idea why I am typing in an Irish accent!

Oh!  The opening ceremony for the Paralympics was brilliant – here’s a link to my take on it for Rydges.

Straight to those born on this day:

In 1908, American actor, Fred MacMurray.

Fred starred in the best version of The Absent Minded Professor (1961) but is probably best known as Steve Douglas in My Three Sons.  Um… Howdy, Chip…

Oh, the other version of The Absent Minded Professor was called Flubber and starred Robin Williams (1997) – flubber, of course, being a contraction of flying rubber…

On this day in 1922 Australian politician in the Whitlam era, Lionel Murphy, was born.  There’s a lovely story about the former Labor Attorney-General and the man who sacked Whitlam, Sir John Kerr, negotiating the steps of Old Parliament House after a very long lunch. A journalist noticed them and a Commonwealth car waiting below, and assisted them to the footpath. Murphy spun on one heel, closed an eye and said, “You stupid bastard, we were going up, not down”.

In 1972 sexy American actress, Cameron Diaz, was born.  And her voiceover as Princess Fiona in Shrek oozed sex appeal!

In 1982 US tennis player and former world #1, Andy Roddick was born…

And on this day in 2008, iconic wrestler, ‘Killer’ Kowalski, died.

Killer became a vegetarian in the late 1960s and claimed to be the only one in professional wrestling. He would not drink milk or alcohol, and he did not smoke. He would not even drive with wrestlers who smoked, which in those days somewhat limited his travelling options.