Weekend What’s On – The Village People

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November sees the 35thanniversary tour from The Village People.

When your humble blogger was a kiddie we used to ask each other who our favourite Beatle was.  I guess there were chaps with other agendas who asked each other who their favourite Village Person was – the Cop, the Construction Worker, the Native American Indian, the Biker, the Military Guy or the Cowboy.

I never had a favourite, but I couldn’t help but be caught up in the infectious disco fun of In the Navy, YMCA, Go West, Macho Man and You Can’t Stop the Music.  Two VPs on this tour are original band members.

There will only be three Australian shows – Jupiter’s Gold Coast (Nov 25), Sydney’s Enmore Theatre (Nov 23) Palais Theatre, Melbourne (Nov 24).

BTW – they tell me that when YMCA gets translated into Chinese it is a wild old dance!