On This Day, September 12

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Welcome to Wednesday, September 12

Born on this day in 1944 in Galveston Texas was Barry Eugene Carter – you know him as soul, funk and disco singer, Barry White.

During his teenage years, White and his brother got a little involved with crime and gang activity. At age 17, he was jailed for four months for stealing $30,000 worth of Cadilac tyres.  As you do.  While in jail, he heard Elvis Presley sing It’s Now or Never on the radio and he decided to become a singer. With his backing orchestra, Love Unlimited, he became known as a bit of a baby maker because his sexy, bass voice whispered ‘romance’… which poses the question… who did Barry White listen to get him in the mood?

Cricketer, Max ‘Tangles’ Walker was born on this Day in 1948.  He has written 14 books, none of which have been nominated for a Pulitzer Prize, Nobel Prize or possibly as a prize in a raffle.  The titles include, Tangles, Aligators & Arseholes, Dingoes & Dropkicks and Caps, Hats & Helmets.  Interestingly, his hobby is collecting fountain pens and he uses them to write his book drafts in long hand.

Singer and Man in Black,  Johnny Cash died on this day in 2003.  He knew a bit about prisons, too.

Got a lovely Johnny Cash story.

My best mate, Dave Prior, is a singer and when he was at boarding school he got a bit of a ribbing for not liking sport and liking country music.

Johnny Cash and June Carter were playing Adelaide and his parents told the school Dave was allowed to go to the concert.  Following school protocol he filled out a leave pass and on the line where it asked for the names of the people he was visiting, Dave wrote Mr Johnny Cash & Miss June Carter.  His housemaster jokingly reminded him that it was an automatic detention if the people named on the pass didn’t sign it.

So… at interval, Dave went back stage and told security that he would be in BIG trouble if Mr Cash didn’t sign the leave pass.  The guard took the pass back stage and returned shortly after without it, ushered Dave through the doors and down a corridor.  Out of the Green Room came the Man in Black, hand extended.  “Dave, how are ya?  Johnny Cash.  Hey June!  Come out here and meet Dave…”  Back at the boarding house on return the housemaster again joked, “Did you get Mr Cash to sign it?”  Dave said, “Yep, but you’re not getting it.”  He didn’t get the detention and he still has the leave pass.  The bottom photo is Dave…