On This Day, September 15

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Annnnnd, heeeeerrrrrrre’s Jilly!


Today is Felt Hat Day!!! Lets get those thinking Fedoras on!!

In 1835 Charles Darwin & The Beagle finally reached San Cristobal.in the Galapagos Islands. Whew!! Thank goodness he made it or who knows what we would all have evolved into by now if he hadn’t?  And is it just me, or does he have a monkey’s eyes?

In 1916 tanks were used for the first time in the Battle of the Somme. At Pozières and Mouquet Farm, the Australian divisions suffered over 23,000 casualties, of which 6,741 were killed. Combine that with the losses from Fromelles  on 19 July and  Australia had sustained more casualties in six weeks in France than they had in the eight months at the Battle of Gallipoli. The New Zealanders suffered 8,000 casualties in six weeks – nearly one per cent of their nation’s population. These losses were about the same as New Zealand suffered in eight months at Gallipoli. Sobering thoughts.

In 1965 both “Lost in Space” and “Green Acres” premiered on CBS in the US making it 2 shows with “bubble-headed booby’s” premiering on the same day.

In 1971 Greenpeace was founded. Living in West Hollywood in Los Angeles as I do, “Rainbow Warrior” has quite a different connotation!

In 1978 Muhammad Ali defeated Leon Spinks to win his third heavyweight boxing title.

In 1981 Vanuatu became a member of the United Nations.

In 2008 US giant financial institution Lehman Brothers filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy, the largest bankruptcy filing in US history leading to serious concerns of a possible 2nd depression. No doubt they celebrated with a lavishly posh party, costing billions as is the way of their people.

Born On this Day

1254 – Italian Explorer Marco Polo

1890 – Agatha Christie (which begs the question, just how good would Agatha have been at the kid’s game “Marco? Polo?)

1961 – Terry Lamb former Wests & Canterbury rugby league player. Lamb holds the distinction of being the only player to appear in every match of a Kangaroo Tour.

1907 – Fay Wray Canadian-born American actress and original celluloid love of the mighty King Kong

1984 – Prince Harry was born on this day. Although we didn’t see his bum in any official baby photos, we’ve all certainly seen it by now.

Died On this Day…

September 15th is not a good day for Archbishops of Canterbury, as both John Morton in 1500 and Geoffrey Fishers in 1972, shuffled off this mortal coil, ran down the curtain and joined the choir invisible on this day.

Sadly on this day beloved Australian actress June Salter died in 2001 from cancer of the oesophagus.  A heavy smoker, that ironically left her a wonderfully husky voice, she was best known on telly as schoolteacher Elizabeth McKenzie on The Restless Years, or Freda Lucas from ABC’s Certain Women. She was married to John Meillon until their divorce in 1971 and was distraught at his death in 1989.  That’s her on the right in this Mavid Bramston cast pic.