On This Day, September 16

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It’s Sunday, and it’s Jill’s turn!!!


Today is Collect Rocks Day!

In 1400 Owain Glyndwr was proclaimed Prince of Wales after rebelling against English rule. He was the last Welsh-born Prince of Wales. Anybody gets in these days.

In 1620 the Mayflower started her voyage to America, landing in Plymouth, Massachusetts. Some 10 years later, also in Massachusetts, the village of Shawmut changed its name to Boston.

In 1956 at 7.00pm, Australia’s very first TV broadcast is made by TCN Channel 9 Sydney (owned at the time by Kerry’s dad,  Sir Frank Packer) Bruce Gyngell began the broadcast with “Good evening, and welcome to Television.”

Speaking of television on this day…

1965 – “The Dean Martin Show debuted on NBC TV

1972 – “The Bob Newhart Show” premiered on CBS-TV.

In World news…

1975 and Papua New Guinea gained it’s full independence from Australia (odd story there, my brother was born in New Guinea while it was mandated by Australia, both countries in the 90’s denied him a passport. Luckily he was able to obtain a British one through having a father born in Wales otherwise he would have been the quintessential man without a country!)

In 1976 – The Episcopal Church formally approved women to be ordained as priests and bishops.

In the World of Music…

1938 – “Boogie Woogie” was recorded by Tommy Dorsey and His Orchestra

1965 – Duke Ellington’s first concert performed at the Grace Cathedral in San Francisco

1970 – Jimi Hendrix made his final public appearance with Eric Burdon and War in London.

1977 – Marc Bolan (T. Rex) died in a car accident at the age of 29.

1978 – The Grateful Dead recorded a concert at the pyramids in Egypt.

Born On This Day

1386 – King Henry V of England (ironically at 16 he led his own army against Owain Glyndwr who as we now know was also born on this day) – gosh, he looked a lot like Kenneth Branagh!

1914 – Allen Funt of Candid Camera was born on this day. One can only imagine his mother was captured on film in an embarrassing way at the time and he never got over it.

1924 – Lauren Bacall. At her 5th birthday party, complete with birthday cake &  candles, she was advised to “just put your lips together and blow…”

1925 – B.B. King – I saw him at the Hollywood Bowl just last week and at 87 he is still the coolest man in the world.

1926 – David Copperfield, master illusionist was born…or was he???