On This Day, September 18

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Today is Blessed Rainy Day in Bhutan!

On this day in 1809 The Royal Opera House in London opened in the area known as Covent Garden. You can actually still see Punch & Judy shows there today. Reassuringly, the puppet shows are still there too… And a Punch & Judy pub.

Today, in 1837,Tiffany and Co. opens its doors under the original name Tiffany & Young in New York City. The store was called a “stationery and fancy goods emporium”. That doesn’t have the same ring though does it?  “Breakfast at that Stationery and Fancy Goods Emporium”, starring Audrey Ruston..

1896 and in New York City, the x-ray machine was exhibited for the first time. You had to pay 25¢ to see it. I think it’s gone up a bit since then.

In 1895, Daniel David Palmer gave the first chiropractic adjustment . Palmer once said “Chiropractors correct abnormalities of the intellect as well as those of the body.”  Perhaps that is how the expression “crack a few heads” came about?

It’s 1975 and Patty Hearst is arrested after a year on the run and on the FBI Most Wanted List. Well, who can blame the poor thing for not wanting to back to that hovel of a castle that daddy owned…what was it called again?.. San Simeon I believe.

In 1990 Lichtenstein became a member of the United Nations.  Lichtenstein has the world’s highest gross GDP per capita in the world, the lowest crime rate, has a 100% literacy rate & the second lowest unemployment rate in the world. Before you decide to move there you should know it also has no airport and no army. In fact in 2007, a small Swiss infantry unit, replete with every tool on their knives imaginable, got lost during a training exercise and accidentally invaded it. They of course later apologised with one of those cute  “sorry we invaded your country when you weren’t looking” cards issued by Hallmark…

Finally in 1998 Ving Rhames won the Golden Globe for Best Actor in a Mini-Series or Movie made for television. With tears streaming down his face, Rhames presented his trophy to veteran actor Lemmon instead, who had also been nominated .

The Hollywood Foreign Press Association announced later that they would replace Rhames’ Golden Globe trophy, and in all the years of the award, no winner had ever before relinquished the trophy to another contender.  A class act sir!

Those born on this day include:

1905 –  Greta Garbo – Swedish-born actress.

1939 –  Frankie Avalon – American singer and actor.

1961 –  James Gandolfini – The Sopranos”

1952 –  Dee Dee Ramone, (Douglas Colvin) bass player for The Ramones. Dee Dee is actually buried at the Hollywood Forever Cemetery on Santa Monica Boulevard, not far from the cenotaph of former Ramones’ bandmate, Johnny Ramone. You can visit them both when you come visit LA. They show movies there in the summer, where you can bring a bottle of wine and picnic with the stars under you for a change.

In 1970 – Jimi Hendrix, American rock musician and guitarist, aged 27, died in controversial circumstances that have continued even to this day.

His girlfriend at the time of his death, Monica Dannemann, had differing accounts of what happened and committed suicide in 1996 . The attending physician, John Bannister, who some thought was  guilty of malpractice was actually struck off the register for fraud in 1992.

The memorial where he lays remains unfinished to this day.