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About to embark on a wee adventure.  Since being diagnosed with MS I have had a few trips to various places around Australia and a couple of trips to Vanuatu – but they are both sort of my own ‘backyard’.  This week we (Annie, Laura and me) go to Dubai, then on to England and leave from Paris on October 12.  A little away from the ‘comfort zone’ but very excited!

I will be reporting here with what we discover on our travels and how I find travel with a disability.  For this trip the new wheelchair is coming along.  It is under 13kg so not too cumbersome and it should give a lot of freedom – I have Westminster Abbey, the Modern Tate and the Louvre on the ‘to do’ list and they would be impossible on foot.

Very excited about parts of the itinerary.  After a few days in the Pennines in Yorkshire the plan is to visit to our namesake village of Heydon in Norfolk. The village has been around since 1100 and it is one of 12 privately owned villages in England.  It has been in the Bulwer-Long family for centuries.  We will be staying at The Stables, a B&B run by Sarah Bulwer-Long.

We have also booked for dinner the Earle Arms pub on The Green for dinner.  Apparently Oliver Cromwell climbed an oak tree out front of The Stables to escape a charging bull.  According to the photo (right), cattle still graze next to The Stables.