On This Day, September 26

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Today is Shamu The Whale Day!!!

46 BC – Julius Caesar dedicated a temple to his mythical ancestor Venus Genetrix in accordance with a vow he made at the battle of Pharsalus.  Didn’t he hang out with Asterix and Obelisk as a kid??

1687 – The city council of Amsterdam voted to support William of Orange’s invasion of England, which became the Glorious Revolution. They were obviously all very juiced up about the whole thing.

1907 – New Zealand and Newfoundland each become dominions within the British Empire. Was that pronounced Newfundland at the time?

1917 – World War I: The Battle of Polygon Wood begins. Not to be confused with battles that may have occurred years later at Polygon Records, or “Dead Parrot Records” as it was fondly known. It was a label that was started by Petulia Clark’s dad to look out for his daughter.

1969 – “Abbey Road” was released by the Beatles. It was their 13th album in the U.K. It was also their last album together as a group.

1975 – “The Rocky Horror Picture Show” opened in theatres. I saw the midnight show in Greenwich Village New York in 1988. The bouncer took my can of hairspray from me, saying it was “a potential lethal weapon”. Talk about sporting a  killer “do”!

1988 – “Talk Is Cheap” was released by Keith Richards. It was his first solo album. We think he just forgot to bring the rest of the band

2001 – Polish Wikipedia was started. Strangely all entries start with “did you hear the one about…

Premiering On The Tube…

1962 – The Beverly Hillbillies

1964 – Gilligan’s Island

1969 – The Brady Bunch

Born on this day…

1888 – T.S. Eliot

1898 – George Gershwin

1934 – Winnie Mandela

1945 – Bryan Ferry

1948 – Olivia Newton John

1981 – Serena Williams

Died on this day…

1820 – Daniel Boone

1902 – Levi Strauss

2003 – Robert Palmer

2008 – Paul Newman