On This Day, September 27

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Today is Crush A Can Day!

1066 – William the Conqueror and his army set sail from the mouth of the Somme River, beginning the Norman Conquest of England…and all that.

1631 – Puritans were outraged as Shakespeare’s ‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream’ was performed on a Sunday. Seeking punishment for those who participated, the Puritans required that the cast member who played “Bottom”, a donkey, was required to spend twelve hours in the stocks wearing a donkey’s head and a sign proclaiming:

‘Good people, I have played the beast,

And brought ill things to pass;

I was a man, but thus have made,

Myself a silly ass.’

1822 – Jean-François Champollion announced that he had deciphered the Rosetta stone. Thankfully his first translation of “Ptolemy was here” was not taken seriously.

1851 – Australian explorer and Surveyor-General of New South Wales, Sir Thomas Mitchell won the last official duel in New South Wales in Centennial Park, Sydney against Sir Stuart Alexander Donaldson. Three shots were fired, and the last one of Mitchell’s found its mark, blowing Donaldson’s hat off. Donaldson was not injured, and later went on to become the first Premier of New South Wales.

1968 – The stage musical Hair opened at the Shaftsbury Theatre in London, where it played 1,998 performances until its closure was forced by the roof collapsing in July 1973…Now that’s what you call bringing the house down!  And it really let the sunshine in…

1990 – The hero of the 1852 Gundagai floods, Aboriginal Yarri, is honoured with a headstone placed on his grave that had lain unmarked for a century. Two Aborigines, Yarri and Jackey Jackey, showed great courage and heroism as they took their canoes out into the torrent to rescue people stranded in trees and the water. Although they rescued 49, another 89 were killed in the Gundagai flood.

Born on this day…

823 – Ermentrude of Orléans, consort of Charles the Bald

1601 – King Louis XIII of France

1947 – Meat Loaf, American singer

1953 – Greg Ham, Australian musician (Men at Work)

1954 – Ray Hadley, Australian radio broadcaster

Died on this day…

1660 – Vincent de Paul, French saint

1917 – Edgar Degas, French painter

2003 – Donald O’Connor, American actor