Flying with Emirates

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We chose to fly Emirates mainly because we wanted to break the trip in Dubai but also because of good word-of-mouth.  It is a fabulous airline – friendly, attentive service, quality entertainment, super clean and food and wines all first class (even though we were economy).  Not all crew speak Arabic and you are just as likely to find crew from Australia, England, Malta or Canada as Emirati.

An example of menu – a savoury snack of roast chicken, followed by a raspberry muffin – tea, coffee, juice or wine (very good French or South African)… breakfast of fruit, croissant, mixed grill… lunch of marinated prawns followed by chicken or snapper fillets with cheesecake, cheese & biscuits, chocolates and beverages… noodles anytime on request…

…and the business class upgrade resulted on even more gourmet choices… right from the welcome class of vintage Verve Cliquot.  That’s business class in the 777-300 series right… very hard to return to the blunt end!

And how is this for a welcome? A lovely chap waiting with a wheelchair on leaving the plane… the cleanest, biggest, shiniest airport I have ever seen (with Rolex wall clocks) – it is more like a shopping mall than an airport terminal.  It was a seamless flow through immigration and customs (no queue, no bag check, not even immigration cards to fill in – to money exchange and on to a smiling cabbie for an air-conditioned drive to the city.

The crews are certainly disabled friendly – they get a briefing prior to boarding on where passengers with mobility issues are seated and check on them during flight – they hand out ‘fast track’ cards, just in case there is a delay on arrival and they seem to genuinely care for all passengers.