Dubai Accommodation

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Highly recommend Dubai as a stop en route to a distant destination. The interlude gave us time to adjust the body clocks and see somewhere totally new and wonderful – and not that expensive to buy some lifetime memories.

We chose the Novotel World Trade Centre in town – you can pay more (they have seven star hotels), you can pay less… but we found it good value – a comfortable room, easy access everywhere, internet , good restaurant, a shop and, if you wanted it, The Blue Bar (licensed, smoking permitted, themed nights and live bands).

Dinner at the hotel restaurant with fellow MSer, Sheila, and her son Nicolas was lovely BTW – good food (Mediterranean buffet), good wine (Semillon from Chile) and good conversation (four hours flew in a heartbeat).

Wheelchair access in the lobby, café, restaurant and to/from cabs was fine.  We stayed on an upper floor because I am only a part-time w/c user but there are rooms with full disabled bathrooms and facilities on the first floor.  Taxis were fine with taking the w/c as luggage and we were toild that the metro is w/c friendly.