Dubai Shopping

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With one afternoon to browse and a few hours the next morning to shop we still only managed to explore two of the floors of brand names sparkling (and not too expensive) at us from every direction – Tiffany’s, De Beers, Cartier, Bloomingdales, Jimmy Choo, Alexander McQueen, Christian Loubertin, Stella McCartney, Louis Vitton etc etc etc. Not to mention the aquarium and walls of fish, sharks and stingrays (right).

While my double act of wife and daughter were in Loubertin, a local wealthy emirati was waiting patiently on the comfy chairs outside with me for his double act, who were wearing burkas, to finish browsing Oscar de la Renta.  Under the burkas they can dress a they choose (and at home for their men) and within shops as long as only other women are present.

So much for my thought that the malls were for the tourists!  And Harrods in London further confirmed that a couple of weeks later…

We only had time for the Dubai Mall, which has the aquarium, the ice hockey, the myriad cinemas and the sunning sculpture of men diving – as you would in the desert – the Emirates Mall is the one with the indoor ski field!  Oh!  …and the Duty Free options when in transit at the airport are amazing.

The malls are wheelchair super-friendly – flat, polished floors with handy lifts and room to move within the shops – the cinemas and eateries are handy and there are external ramps from the mall to the souk bridge etc.