Beautiful Bath

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As you might guess, the eyes of an inquiring 16yo and the eyes of her cynical, curmudgeonly father sometimes see things in a different light but I almost agreed with Laura who said something like – “Wow, Bath is amazing. It is awesome! It is so pretty, the buildings are beautiful, you can feel the history!  And the guys are so hot!” Well, I wasn’t on exactly the same page re the guys being ‘hot’. Although they do look like I would have tried to look in my youth – a nice blend of cool, style, fashion and attitude. So, I guess that adds up to ‘hot’.

The Georgian city was simply stunning and easy to get around by car, on foot and in a wheelchair. The Roman baths and Abbey just ‘turned up’ in our meanderings.

The Abbey must have known we were coming and put on a free, magnificent ten voice choir. Very nice of them! I wondered why an Aussie flag was hanging from the wall to the left of the nave – it was a monument to Captain Arthur Phillip who oversaw the first white settlement in Australia and returned to Bath, where he died in 1814.

The Roman Baths were also fabulous – sensational digs – that delightful combination of showing archeology at work as well as recreating that time in history.  We had lunch in the Pump room above the baths, but I will save that for another post.

We wandered the streets – the girls checked out the fashion museum while I had a wander on wheels – I found a delightful travel agency, enjoyed a busker’s considerable talent and wondered how the guy on the right managed to hover above the cobblestones…

We had a leisurely drive around Bath – it really is a delightful place to visit and I imagine to live in.  We returned to our village of Box where we just picked up some supplies to knock up a light meal before an early night because our plan was to be up early and hit the road to the Cotswolds.