Hebden Bridge

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We enjoyed Hebden Bridge enormously.  It had loads of charm and atmosphere and a modern buzz/vibe – it was obviously a creative community.  Every day we had a poke about and had a long, leisurely wander around Hebden Bridge late afternoon the day before leaving.

There is a lovely Picture House (490 seats) that has latest release movies and live shows. The most popular screenings are Elevenses on Thursday mornings – tickets are five quid and they include a hot drink and a biscuit. There is a quaint WW2 themed nicknackery & tea room, a sweetie shop, cafes, a couple of bookshops and a laundrette that advertises cremations for £1650. It’s quaint, quirky and rather cool.

It made a perfect base to explore Haworth (home of the Brontes), wonderfully surprising Heptonstall and he sights of York.  More on those soon…