The Only Way is Essex!

Posted on 18th Nov 2012 by ian under Travel Tales | No Comments »

En route from Heydon in Norfolk to Upchurch in Kent there was a wee query from the back seat… “Any chance of going through Essex on the way?” Affirmative, I replied… “Um… specifically, Brentwood in Essex?” You see, Laura is a bit of a closet fan of the TV show, The Only Way is Essex (or ‘Towie’ to the fans). It’s the UK’s answer to Jersey Shore and, I gather, is wall-to-wall glam with fake tans, fake eyelashes, fake boobs, fake teeth-flashing smiles with added glitz and collagen. So we pulled into Brentwood and Annie and I choose a fine looking restaurant called Mason’s for lunch to allow Lorzy to go for a wander.

Turned out the restaurant was adjacent to the nightclub featured in the TV show. Bonus. They had an Aussie wine on the menu – Grange Hermitage for just £550 a bottle. No bonus there so we decided on a cheeky little £15 chardy from Chile. They make very nice whites in Chile.

Laura returned grinning and sparkly – she stumbled upon a shop from the show called Harry’s World, with Harry in residence! Not only did she get an autograph and some pink nail polish – he gave her a guided tour of the shop next door detailing the planned expansion! Bonus. I guess.