Upchurch in Kent

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Drove down to Kent to stay the night with friends, the Archers, in Upchurch. Graeme and Nikki live in a welcoming and homey renovated 16th Century barn called The Mallards (they have about 40 resident ducks in the pond at the bottom of the garden). They also have two darling dogs, Kirsty and Mystery, both rescue dogs from Greece. It was lovely catching up with them after over a decade – good conversation, reminiscing, laughs and a bottle of red that would have beaten the Grange mentioned in the previous post to accompany GA’s Irish stew and apple, rhubarb & lavender pie.

Just a general note about driving in the UK – it is on the same side as we drive in Australia and outside London there is a nice, friendly rhythm.  It is a great way to get around (outside London) – we did over 1000 miles in 8 days – that averages out at 125 miles a day – we had four days with 4+ hours driving so another four for just toddling about.  Some of the back roads are delightfully narrow – just take it slowly – and some of the expressways are fast and efficient – go with the flow.  We were warned off driving in London – just too hectic and better to get a taxi, bus or train.  Another reason for avoiding London is the cost of parking – it can be £30 to £50 a day – the car rental was only £30!