Victoria & Albert Museum and Harrods

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Victoria & Albert MuseumAround the corner from our Kensington hotel – a 10 minute walk/wheel away – was the wonderful Victoria and Albert Museum.  It is simply the world’s greatest museum of decorative art and design.

The V&A building itself is stunning and you need a bit of time because there are some 27,000 items spanning a period of 3,000 years.

Admission is free so if you allow, say, four hours, you could allocate time another day to re-visit if you fall in love with the place. We only had a few hours so we split up to only take in the bits that interested us.

I usually couldn’t give a potter’s toss for ceramics but was taking a shortcut through the contemporary section when I fell in love with a little girl – ‘Girl Baptised in Gold’ to be precise – a lovely piece by Finnish sculptor Kim Simonsson (2008).

Drawing on the imagery of Japanese manga cartoons he has created an almost life-sized darling girl that is both surreal and beautiful.

Part of the London ‘experience’ for many is a trip to nearby Knightsbridge to check out the world’s most famous department store, Harrods. It was certainly on the agenda for my two ‘shoppers’.

Harrods opens until 8:00pm and is huuuuuugggggge. They have a wee section for Harrods’ knickknacks and souvenirs and Laura wanted to get her friends some little gifts. The food hall and pizza bar looked fabulous! That’s where I parked myself to observe the passing parade.

There seemed to be as many ladies in burkas as we encountered in Dubai… all very well-heeled and all there to spend.  And on the way out went through the luggage section – there were suitcases for £3000 to £5000 ($5000 to $8333)! I wouldn’t be letting those go near the baggage handlers I’ve seen!