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Had dinner last night with an old friend, Brian Newington.  Brian self-injects three times a day for diabetes.  Through trial, error and research, he found a method that was relatively pain and bruise-free. Thought it may be of interest to insulin or Copaxone users.  Here’s Brian’s story:


My blood sugar reading was 18.5 and the doctor shook his head and said,

“Well its looks like the oral medication is having no effect in controlling your diabetes.  Still we got 10 years out of them, you did well. Looks like we now move into daily insulin injections”

My heart sank realising a life time of needle injections awaited me. Visions of drug addicts shooting up flashed before me.

The doctor continued,

“Hey it’s real easy with these new pen injectors. Inject them with a throw away needle into your stomach area just above your navel. Each time you inject move a few centimeters across from where you last injected. You won’t feel any pain and there will be less bruising”

2 months down the track and my stomach area is black and blue pin cushion from injecting insulin 3 times daily. I even went to my local chemist to say “could I get a new batch of needles as this batch is blunt and I bleed a lot”

By now the stomach area was starting to swell with an allergic reaction to all of this nonsense.

One day a nurse friend of mine mention that you can inject anywhere on the body, as long as the insulin gets into your system. Eureka, I tried in the thigh first up, but having to drop my pants every time I injected was becoming a pain. What about the arm? No trying to roll up long sleeve shirts was also a pain. I thought lets go back to the stomach area again, loosen the belt easy peasy. But this time with a slight twist, let’s try the side of the stomach around the hip area.

Bingo a huge success.

No pain, needles just glided in through the skin, no blood, no bruising.

When it came time for the evening injection I went to the same spot.

I did notice however slight prick and the insulin was sluggish delivering the normal dose. Mmm I will take it a lot slower next time I thought.

Come bedtime and the last injection of the day, same spot. Well I nearly went through the roof with pain, and the insulin refused to deliver the correct dose. Like there was a huge resistance to the flow. The only thing that was flowing was my blood.

Well to cut a long story short it took me a week to figure it all out.

I remembered reading an article once about body resistance and body polarity. When we arise from sleep one side of your body is positive whilst the other side is negative. The positive side is the path of least resistance.

You can easily cut yourself on the positive side and not feel a thing if you’re not careful. Your skin is a lot softer especially in the morning.

But for a diabetic this is perfect, the needle just glides in and the insulin flows easily through the needle, to the body.

But this is the important part I had totally forgotten.

Come night time the Body Polarity has reversed. What was now positive is now negative. Now all injections at night are performed on the opposite side of to what I do in the morning. Left hip in the morning, right hip evening and before bedtime. Works on me every time. No blood, No bruising, No allergic reactions.

I wish I had read this article sooner, could have saved a lot of heartache.

Oh by the way, did I mention my body is resistant to Insulin. Average readings 12.0