Three new attractions!

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Yep, there are three new tourist attractions around the world that I won’t be going to…

Firstly, the world’s largest water park, Yas Waterworld in Abu Dhabi.  That’s an artist’s impression on the right.  What is it with oil-rich Arabs wanting to get water into the desert?

That looks like a lot of fun (there are 43 rides with cameras inside the tunnels to capture the terror on riders’ faces) but the trip to Dubai last year has probably satisfied by curiosity for the United Arab Emirates and it looks like a LOT of stair work.

Mind you, they probably have comfortable lift access – after all, they air-condition their bus stops.

The Shard in London is the next on my empty bucket list.

You can see by the photo that it is heaps taller than the London Eye and that was enough vertigo for this trepid traveller.  From the Eye I couldn’t see the top of The Shard so I’m thinking that London doesn’t lend itself to clear days where you can see forever. It is also super expensive for the ride to the viewing platform – £24.95 ($38) – it is less than half that to get to the top of the Eiffel Tower.

Having said that, I do love Renzo Piano’s architecture (e.g. the Tjibaou Cultural Centre in New Caledonia).

And the final one on my Must-Not-Do list is the new Gardens by the Bay in Singapore.  I’m sure it is a botanical bonanza – it cost $773million to build this futuristic green house and whack in 700,000 plants down by the marina but, quite frankly, I find Singapore just a tad boring and a bit been there, done that.  Humidity and my MS don’t get on but I will put up with it if it is worth the discomfort.

My only Singaporean memory highlight is the chilli lobster – it’s a long way to go for a serve of spicy crustacea!  Oh!  And we visited Sentosa Island and the butterfly park.  In Malay ‘Sentosa’ means ‘peace & tranquillity’.  Yep, had me nodding off…