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Apologies for no posting – have been flat out with the ‘day job’ and trying to find an employee.

I have been hoping that a local employment agency that specialises in finding work for people with disabilities would have been able to assist.  No luck so far.

The job?

Basically to get this site up to date with all info correct and then take over management an maintenance of the site.  See, I could find someone with skills in WordPress or with a travel background and try to get them to understand the need of travellers who have a disability BUT it makes more sense to me to find someone who is accustomed to dealing with the world on disabled terms and teach him/her WordPress and/or how to arrange travel.

I figure that if I can learn how the travel industry works and negotiate my way around WordPress, it can’t be that hard… and I also know that prior to MS, I could only guess what it would have been like to be disabled.  And that guess would have been short of the mark.