Well said, mate!

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Thanks to Peter FitzSimon’s column in the SMH for reporting this quote from funny man Jason Alexander… “Here is why I love the country. ‘Mate.’ No, it is spectacular. “The notion that the guy who serves you your coffee is your mate. The notion that the guy who runs your bank account is your mate, the guy on your sporting team is your mate … and the prime minister of …read more

Pass Time

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I have to share this! I will be catching up with good friend Robyn Moore later this week. Robyn’s son, Toby, is an actor, now living in New York. About six years ago, when he was at NIDA, he made a short film (wrote and starred) about Alzheimers. It is based on his own grandmother’s journey and this week it was launched at the Alzheimers Australia Conference. Click here and …read more

Kiss Goodbye to MS

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May is the month we fundraise to Kiss Goodbye to MS. I am so inspired when I see people like Megan Healey take on challenges and win. Megan is just 43 – she has had MS for 15 years and is wheelchair bound. On May 13 she left Melbourne on her trusty ride-on lawnmower with an aim to make Sydney by World MS Day on May 29. She will be …read more

Some Bastards

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Some Bastards I was writing about how to negotiate airports and flights with mobility issues and threw this bit into the mix… the whole article here: http://caneandable.com.au/air-travel/ I have one pet hate. People who use parking spaces reserved for people with a disability when they don’t have one. I guess some people do it without thinking, but I have seen abled people use a friend or relative’s sticker to get the good …read more

Little Greek Taverna

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You have a smorgasbord of delightful dining options in Brisbane’s South Bank restaurant precinct – French, Spanish, Italian, Turkish, Indian, Sri Lankan, Malaysian, Vietnamese, Chinese, Japanese, Mexican, Mediterranean, innovative Australian and Greek. And I love Greek cuisine. One of my favourites is Vagelis on Racecourse Road and there are a number of eateries in West End like Ouzeri, Lefkas Taverna and Kafe Meze. On the weekend I tried a fine little establishment simply …read more


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Wow!  There are now 42 Pink concerts around Australia!!! When she toured Australia in 2009 with her Funhouse show it smashed box office records – looking at the dates for the upcoming Truth About Love tour it is pretty certain she will be by far and away the biggest drawcard act for 2013, possibly in history – and why not – she’s talented, funny, dynamic, acrobatic, clever, hard-working – simply …read more