Kiss Goodbye to MS

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May is the month we fundraise to Kiss Goodbye to MS.

Megan Healey MS

I am so inspired when I see people like Megan Healey take on challenges and win.

Kiss Goodbye to MSMegan is just 43 – she has had MS for 15 years and is wheelchair bound. On May 13 she left Melbourne on her trusty ride-on lawnmower with an aim to make Sydney by World MS Day on May 29. She will be raising funds en route with a goal of $50,000 and she’s well on the way. To quote Megan:

“I want the money that we raise to go towards providing adequate care for people living with MS so they can stay in their own homes when times get tough and at the same time, take the hard work away from the family members so that the whole family can enjoy life instead of often just surviving life.”

Read more about Megan here – she is an amazing woman!