Jay Gatsby’s Sydney

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gatsby's placeThe Great Gatsby had a record-breaking opening in Australia, taking $6.8million, with last weekend seeing worldwide box-office takings pass the $250million mark.  So much for the purist critics who didn’t realise that this was never going to be F. Scott Fitzgerald’s Jay Gatsby, but Baz Luhrmann’s interpretation of him – and moviegoers are loving that interpretation.

On the screen we see decadent, glitzy New York in the 1920’s recreated, but not a single scene was shot in America.  Lots of locations are around Sydney with a couple in the Blue Mountains.  Jay Gatsby threw his lavish parties at a ‘mansion’ in Manly.  The turrets were computer generated but most of the building can be seen as the International College of Management.

gallery-2[1]You may have also seen the building back in June 2006 when helicopters were hovering frantically above, trying to get a glimpse of Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban’s wedding and reception.  Two of the wedding guests, by the way, were Baz Luhrmann and Catherine Martin.  Was an idea for a lavish movie born at those nuptials?

Other locations around Sydney include Botany Bay – it was the beach below the Gatsby mansion and Centennial Park was where the front of Nick Carraway’s bungalow was built and driveway to the Gatsby mansion was created.