Bruce Springsteen & Hunters

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bruce-springsteen-2014-wrecking-ball-tourAfter having been to Australia for a couple of wildly successful dates this year, Bruce Springsteen and his legendary E-Street Band are returning early next year for their most extensive tour of Australia ever.

Bruce’s tour of his last album Wrecking Ball was declared by music critics as the ‘greatest rock and roll show on earth’. They even won a Helpmann Award for ‘Best Contemporary Concert’. Performing for over three hours and with raucous energy, fans were given a concert to remember by Springsteen, who at 64 seems to be in positively rude health.

The Melbourne shows in particular stand out for their support act. Hunters and Collectors split acrimoniously in 1998 and have only performed a couple of times together since, once for Sound Relief and for a V8 supercars gig. Now they’re reforming again on the back of the album Crucible – a double album, one half tributes by popular musicians such as Neil Finn, Eddie Vedder and Paul Kelly doing their own unique versions of their classic songs – and half the originals.

Hunters first gig as a properly reformed band will be the AFL grand final. Hopefully they’ll be nicely warmed up for that one because AFL fans need something to help them forget Meatloafs abysmal and possibly demented performance of Bat Out of Hell for 2011’s grand final. Next they have the support slot for Springsteen – possibly the biggest show they’ll ever play – and then weekends between January and March they’ll be at ’The Day at the Green’ winery events. From a pub rock band to a winery band … they’ve certainly aged well.