Welcome to Glen!

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Walking AwayWelcome to Glen Lawrie who has joined out team as Social Media Coordinator. He is currently looking after Facebook pages for Honeymoon Pacific, South Pacific Weddings, Pacific Cruising and Brisbane Disabled Travel. This one is mainly what’s happening in Brisbane and South East Queensland and, where applicable, linking to disability and access information.

Like it or not, social media can’t be ignored so rather than reluctantly join the throng we decided to embrace and enjoy it. Mind you, when Facebook went down for 35 minutes this week, many FB addicts found themselves at a loss and turned to Twitter, posting comments like, “OMG, what will I do now? Read a book???” and “I so wish FB was up so I could post and tell my friends that FB is down…”

The photo? A nice bus stop ad in the US for the Chrisopher & Diana Reeve Foundation – ‘Walking Away. It’s coming.’