Welcome.  This guide contains info on getting around, great places to visit, events & attractions, entertainment and accessible accommodation.  ‘Cane’ refers to people with mobility-related impairments and difficulties in negotiating the physical environment. ‘Able’ relates both to people without mobility restrictions and folk like me who feel totally and utterly able (even with wheelchair assistance).  Hope you enjoy the visit!

Travel Writer Ian HeydonTravel writer, Ian Heydon, was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis in late 2010. Since then he has been seeing the world in a different perspective – noticing (or looking for) things like handicapped parking spaces, where the public rest rooms are, what restaurants have good access, and so on.

When out, Ian sometimes walks with the assistance of a cane, for security and mobility reasons BUT chooses to opt for a wheelchair on most outings. As with many people with MS, it is hard to predict how far/long you can walk before fatigue sets in, so to enjoy places like museums, art galleries, gardens, zoos, shops or to negotiate airports, a wheelchair gives more freedom, speed and security – and, to his surprise, he discovered there are places all around the country that offer wheelchairs and scooters! This opened a whole new world of travel opportunities.

Ian’s background is in radio and television. He was a writer who enjoyed travelling. Then the Internet came along and became more a traveller who enjoyed writing.

In 2002, Ian had a book on Australia published, called The Small Guide to A Big Country. The same year he bought a travel agent’s licence – so combining his destination knowledge of Australia and the Pacific, his scribbling talents AND his awareness of the needs for disabled travellers, here is ‘Cane & Able Travel’. One chair, no waiting.

Personally, Ian isn’t fond of the terms ‘disabled’, ‘handicapped’ and ‘special needs’. Mostly he considers himself adequately ‘able’ but occasionally requiring assistance. This site aims to provide a fun and informative guide for travellers who may have physical disabilities and their partners or carers.

On this site/blog you will find destination info on Australia and the South Pacific, information on tours, attractions, accommodation and dining options that cater for travellers with disabilities.

Married to Annie with two kidults, Ian lives in Toowoomba in South-East Queensland.

For more on what Ian has done and is doing you can visit www.IanHeydon.com for a bio. Oh!  And here’s an experiment – Going to try to link to a song I co-wrote with my mate, Dave Prior, who does the vocals – the track sort of sits here coz it is about Australia – it is called Sand & Sea.