Aitutaki Lagoon 27_FB-WeddingBefore Cane & Able Travel came about, the parent company, Small Guide Travel specialised in arranging weddings and honeymoons in the South Pacific. Weddings in the tropics can be very romantic with swaying palm trees, aqua waters and soft sand beaches.  The can also be a lot less expensive than weddings back home!

The main website that caters for this is Resort Weddings and we also have a couple of more specific websites like Weddings Vanuatu, Cruise Vanuatu for cruise ship weddings and South Pacific Weddings.  South Pacific Weddings also offers couples a free personal mini-website, which can be handy to let family and friends know about the Big Day.

Aitutaki Lagoon 34_Wed-From-SeaThis was a niche travel business set up in 2003 after the owner of Small Guide, Ian Heydon, returned to Australia after living in Vanuatu for three years. After successfully arranging travel to Vanuatu for people, Resort Weddings expanded to include other Pacific destinations – Fiji, Samoa and the Cook Islands.

After being diagnosed with MS in 2010, Ian decided to also specialise in arranging holidays for travellers with disabilities. Naturally, people with disabilities marry all the time and because we now have a lot more specific destination disability and access information, we can offer couples a tropical resort wedding with local knowledge, personal service and competitive prices.