The saying goes, “If you can’t afford travel insurance, you can’t afford to travel”, but a lot has changed with insurance since that adage first popped up.

No longer is insurance only about covering medical expenses, cancelled flights or lost luggage.

There are plans tailored for business people, holiday-makers, sporting travellers, the elderly and folk with disabilities. Did you know that insurance can cover things like:

  • expenses incurred if a flight is delayed
  • missed flight connections
  • frequent flier points
  • loss of income
  • rental vehicle excess (paying for an excess waiver can cost more than the insurance policy!)
  • sporting gear like golf, ski and dive equipment (even pre-paid green fees or lift tickets in the event of illness or accident)
  • additional boarding fees for your pets if your trip home is delayed
  • replacement of passports

These are just some examples of cover, along with the usual overseas medical expenses and hospitalisation, unforeseen cancellations, personal accident, liability and the loss, damage or theft of personal effects.

When we had our travel agent’s licence we saw a number of people come unstuck due to having no insurance.  We never travel without it, and nor should you.